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Pet Waste Stations

Pet lovers frequently bring their beloved companions to parks and outdoor recreation areas - even retail establishments! Help prevent "doggie presents" from appearing on your property with one of our pet waste disposal systems.

These units are available in a range of models - from simple disposal bins to more elaborate all-in-one units. Our all-in-one units include a convenient roll of pet waste bags, the actual waste receptacle and a hand sanitizing station, too!

Polyethylene, steel, or recycled plastic models help keep your facility or outdoor location clean and sanitary. Pet waste disposal systems also contribute to a more pleasant experience for all visitors – both furry and human.

Key benefits of our pet waste stations ...

  • Robust construction of either polyethylene, steel, or recycled plastic - all are incredibly durable and designed to weather the elements.
  • Simple stand-alone units or more complex pet waste stations are available for convenient delivery to your facility or facilities – you have the option to pick multiple ship-to locations upon checkout.
  • Full complement of sign posts, informational signs, mounting kits and brackets, as well as replacement pet waste bags are available - at terrific prices!

Our unbeatable prices, best service in the industry, and wide selection of readily-available models to choose from, means you can shop with confidence. Trash Containers has the pet waste stations to keep your outdoor location from "going to the dogs."