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Plastic trash receptacles from Trash Containers are available in a variety of sizes, styles, colors and capacities. If you're "down in the dumps" about your existing trash cans look, consider a new set of durable and affordable plastic trash cans from Trash Containers.

These units are great for a commercial location, school, outdoor recreation area, or retail establishment that is looking for long-lasting quality and flexible design options.

Key benefits of plastic trash receptacles from Trash Containers ...

  • Rolling or fixed base units are available, offering either portability or security - depending on your needs.
  • Several bold colors are offered, making your trash cans easier for the public to find. This may help contribute to a cleaner environment and less time spent hunting for a trash can.
  • Round, hexagonal, square, and other shapes are available to compliment your design aesthetic.
  • Custom plastic trash cans, like windshield wiper stations and litter mates, are available to help support unique retail environments.

Trash Containers is committed to the highest levels of customer service and the best selection of plastic trash cans in the business. If you're searching for plastic trash containers that are durable, flexible and affordable, look no further than Trash Containers. With an unbeatable low price guarantee, you'll be glad you did!