BarcoBoard Plastic Furniture Collection

BarcoBoard™ Furniture: Not Your Typical Plastic Outdoor Furniture

It is no big secret that many plastic outdoor furniture products on the market have their fair share of challenges when it comes to maintaining their original appearance and staying in one piece. After all, weather and constant use in these outdoor spaces can take what seem to be appropriate products for these applications and turn them into broken down and, oftentimes, unusable items. Our BarcoBoard products tackle this problem head on. Created as an answer to wood furniture that has a tendency to rot, split, chip and warp, this superior material used to manufacture durable plastic furniture will give you long-lasting performance and the attractive appearance you need for your outdoor spaces. 

BarcoBoard Picnic Table in a lovely settingBarcoBoard™ Picnic Table

Any Setting

To begin with, BarcoBoards are a versatile material that we use to manufacture different plastic outdoor furniture product types, including some of our picnic tables and benches. In particular, the material is used to produce tabletops, seating and bench backs. This highly durable “lumber” is available in natural-looking colors that allows it to blend into outdoor surroundings. That’s why BarcoBoard furniture can easily be used in place of wood products at any location.


So, what makes this lumber so innovative? First, we use premium plastic which is injection molded, ribbed and reinforced for maximum durability. This ensures that the durable plastic furniture will hold up to constant use and all outdoor conditions. Additionally, the honeycomb mold of the product adds strength without having all of the weight. In fact, although BarcoBoard products are lighter than recycled plastic, it has the same strength and weight capacity. We are so confident in our BarcoBoard furniture that we back them up with a 50-year guarantee against breakage. That’s right. If it breaks, we simply replace it.

Hardware, Frames

Superior outdoor furniture material like BarcoBoards can only perform as well as the support structure keeping it together. That’s why we anchor our BarcoBoard lumber to frames made of either high-quality recycled-plastic or heavy-duty, powder-coated steel. This means that you will have a product that will perform well beyond your expectations. 

Climate Resistant

As we mentioned, BarcoBoards were created in response to customers who no longer wanted to purchase wood products that were prone to split, chip, fade and break. BarcoBoard lumber was created as the solution for these customers, and today, our products can be found in icy temperatures, sizzling heat and salty coastlines, performing year after year as expected. We even conduct climate-accelerated testing in laboratories to ensure we continue to keep this promise.

Evergreen BarcoBoard Bench
Evergreen is a popular BarcoBoard™ color.


But BarcoBoards aren't just all brawn. In fact, the material we produce is highly attractive and has a wood-like appearance and wood-grain texture without the problems that are inherent with wood. In addition, BarcoBoard lumber is available in three different colors – desert tan, cedar and evergreen – which allows you to pick the product that is perfect for your space. 


What type of outdoor spaces and environments are using BarcoBoard products? Currently, you can find our BarcoBoard lumber in parks and recreational areas, campgrounds, resorts, schools, city walk-ways, malls, corporate campuses and many other outdoor environments that require highly durable and attractive furniture.


It’s worth mentioning again that we hold our manufacturing processes to the highest standard. And like our warranty states, our products are backed by a 50-year guarantee.